Summer High Performance FAQs

How do I register

If scholars are enrolled for a month they will be allocated to clubs to play Saturday Club cricket which is a very competitive standard. As well as this games are played against the Redbacks High Performance Teams to fully test scholars.

How much does it cost?

Price is on application only as each scholar has a different program. Costs are based upon the following:

Costs include:

  • Transport – internal around Adelaide
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • DLCA Clothing
  • Gym Memberships
  • Coaching Tuition
  • Specialist Coaching
  • Indoor and Outdoor facility use
  • Administration Fee
  • IT – video analysis
  • Reports
  • Matches – Club and High Performance
  • Coach Education
  • Balls and general coaching resources

Cost excludes:

  • Airfares
  • Own spending money
  • Any personal costs outside of the program
  • VISA applications
  • Medical and travel Insurance

How old do I need to be?

Most players attending the DLCA are aged from 18 years upward. We can take players at an earlier age however, as there are legal requirements we need to ensure the needs of the individual is met. There needs to be negotiation here with the scholars’ parent or guardian.

How will I know whether I have improved?

When entering the program each scholar is assessed so that their program is drawn up. For short periods eg. a month players receive the initial assessment and an outgoing written report. For scholars who are in the program for the full season they will have the initial assessment, a half-way report and a final outgoing report. These assess all aspects of the game and provide ongoing guidance when players return to their own domestic competitions.

What does the program consist of?

Components that are covered in the program include:

  • Individual Skill Improvement for batting and bowling
  • Fielding
  • Strength and Conditioning :
    • Speed and agility
    • Weights and core
    • Speed Endurance
    • Low impact Cardio
    • Bowler Pre-Habilitation
    • Yoga
  • Recovery
  • Injury Prevention
  • Nutrition
  • Mental Approach – Psychology
  • Centre Wicket Training
  • Tactics
  • Competition
  • Club Training / Playing
  • Coach Accreditation – Players attending over a month will be complete the nationally accredited level I Coaching Cours

What equipment and clothing do I need to bring?

Scholars are provided with training clothing and a playing shirt. however the rest of their whites need to be brought with you. As well as this each scholar needs to bring their own playing kit. Obviously personal clothing is worn outside of this – casual clothing.

What is the weather like?

Summer in Adelaide is extremely warm with temperatures ranging from mid 20 degrees (C) right up to 40+.

What level of cricket do I need to be at?

Players attending the Academy need to be of a reasonably high standard.

Where do I stay?

Each player is housed in group accommodation in Adelaide who they live with for the length of the program. They will feed and accommodate you, providing you with an Australian experience.

Where do i train?

Training session are held either indoors at the Gillespie Centre or at Scotch College

Where is DLCA located?

The DLCA is based in the city of Adelaide which is the Capital of South Australia. The South Australian Cricket Association is the Cricket Body that oversees the program which is based at the Adelaide Oval.

Who are the coaches?

High Performance Coaches within the program have been trained at the Cricket Australia/AIS Centre of Excellence, where international coaches receive the latest knowledge, on all aspects of High Performance Training. Darren Lehmann, Jason Gillespie, Carl Hooper, Peter Sleep, Greg Blewett, Andrew Zesers, Terry Jenner and other accredited level 3 coaches are coaches who have been involved in the program. Other technical support staff like Andrew Leipus, who is a sports physiologist working with the Kolkata Knightriders in the IPL, are an integral part of the program. Former Australian Baseball Legend, David Mundy, conducts fielding sessions for attendees.

Who is the body that runs the program?

The South Australian Cricket Association is the professional body that conducts the program. They are one of six states that make-up the national body, Cricket Australia. Cricketers that have represented  SACA are Sir Donald Bradman, Ian and Greg Chappell, Greg Blewett, Jason Gillespie, Shaun Tait, and Callum Ferguson.

Why should I specifically attend the Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy?

The DLCA has a unique model in that is has all the coaching and development aspects of other world class academies, however it is unique in the following:

  1. There is an Australian Life experience
  2. There is Self Development where players learn to motivate themselves
  3. Players compete by playing against Club and High Performance Teams
  4. Facilities are based around the World Class Adelaide Oval